The refurbished nightclub/bar design has been an immediate success with the student market and within a few weeks it had recaptured the existing clientele.
As nightclub designers we were flexible enough to tackle this project and build a cutting edge design using, very simply brick and wood. Our clients had very specific requirements.”
The warehouse’s new sound system “will rival any dance club installation in the UK.” — Dave Millard, Full Fat Audio’s founder. Steve Howie: “I was asked by Tony and Joe to design and build a drum and bass retro interior that is completely different from our normal nightclub designs, but reminiscent of clubs from the 90s’.


This is a very small bar near Richmond cinema. It was designed to have a relax atmosphere and look, to attract late night drinkers.


Siam Village was designed in under 3 weeks for a very low project budget. I tried to avoid too much gold but wanted to interior to become vibrant based on the form and colour of the wall graphics. I feel this is a different feel and look to every other Thai restaurant. I did ask the clients not to put too many gold/glitzy Buddha’s in, but as you can tell they clearly love them! Kieran built and implemented this job brilliantly; good project management which is crucial to all design & build projects.


Station 31 is a bar and eatery with simple food that intentionally had a retro look about it that totally enhanced the interior. It is a bar using our sister company, new Wavelight furniture. It was a very low budget with the big spends on the furniture. All 24 units are linked with a bar controlled LED dimmer and colour changer. We are very proud of it as it is the first venue to showcase our new range.


A refurbished former brewery set on Luxembourg’s first ‘entertainment street’. IKKI offers a Japanese themed restaurant on the first floor, with a bar and club on the ground floor. LED lighting throughout the design complements the atmosphere and emphasises the different elements.


A contemporary bar, selling Greek food and some Greek drinks, a low budget but a great look for such a small place. The client gave us freedom to decorate our way, and the result was a neat small interior that has made a lot of money for its owners.


A new Vietnamese noodle bar in Holborn, which is enjoying huge success. All Furniture was designed and build by our sister company Steve Howie Bespoke Furniture.


A Japanese “Last of the Samurai” themed restaurant. With help from Koshu we produced a feeling of Japan that has proved a huge success. Samy Mak, the owner proved to be a fantastic client and is thinking of building a Chinese Shaolin Temple themed club in the future.


An obvious tribute to the namesake. This is an Indian restaurant which has included such diners as Elton John. This themed venue reflects its namesake through the use of castings, graphics, and colour. Steve wanted to show the ‘soft’ side of a tiger but using the double entendre pas as a place to go to!


The client asked for a design and build contract that would mean only 32 days on site. We did it. Steve designed every angle and view to give the luxury feel similar to a cruise liner 1st Class Lounge Bar. The result is older patrons are piling in; expected profits are over 30% higher. A resounding success!


The Grand Giraffe, or whatever you call him, explained they sell the space to weddings, so I designed it for a woman, quite fun considering the ‘dark ages’ the male lodges seem to be in! Mr Dobbie was a scholar and a gentleman and has doubled his turnover since I did this for him.


This is a funky, fun themed, bar and restaurant with a very strong concept that can be repeated as a brand. The fun, and not too serious, interior allows a great atmosphere for international food or drinks to be sold.


This had a very sensible budget with one object, ‘make money’. We produced an LED inspired interior that was exactly what the client wanted.


A popular nightspot situated over 3 levels, illuminated with over 20,000 LED lights, displaying all the colours through the spectrum. The multi ‘Glyph’ design represented throughout the interior enhances the clubs exciting atmosphere.


An obvious tribute to the namesake. This design was almost impossible to do working drawings for, but thank god for Neil Englands’ Ornamental plastering! Due to Neil’s ability to work from sketches we produced a Café that gained one Michelin Star!


A highly themed night club, situated below sea level on the Isle of Man, hence being based on ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’. Steve Dawson is and was the man in charge, apart from being a complete nutter, he let me indulge myself completely.


A massive 4000 capacity super club run by the “Heaven” crew. Built for £1.5 million and completed for the actual owners and landlords, Virgin. The club now boasts huge live acts and goes from strength to strength, a huge success.


Preston’s premier club, 2,500 people capacity that almost everyone in the North knows and has been to. The Japanese Manga comic interior speaks for itself.


Based on the Fritz Lang movie ‘Metropolis’, ‘The City is a Machine’. We couldn’t use their name due to copyright problems, so ‘Toxic 8’, a club designed for students and techies.


An odd name for a club that has been around for thirty odd years. A ‘futuristic’ interior that the members loved, a huge success thanks to a bit of Star Trek input.


This won most of the awards that year, set the standard for all other ‘Liquids’ and showed what you can do even if crippled by corporate grey men.


A fun, but dark, interior trying to attract hardcore clubbers in a town already saturated. It was mad but had a good return on the investment.


A five star themed bar, done Versace Tribute style with an elegant, but fun feel.


Yeovil’s answer to ‘Bladerunner’ versus ‘Aliens’! This club design was given free range by Terry Claire, one of England’s most famous night club entrepreneurs.


This is a wild crystal holding snake women interior that speaks for itself. I was going through a bad time with the woman at this stage, so snake headed women!


So much has been written about this in ‘Night’ Magazine, ‘Theme’ Mag, and others. It was a fun interior, not too serious with a young clientele expected. The owners were not in the business so relied on my design to make profits. The Retro look was a contrast to the down stairs area ‘The Lounge’.


A simple, low budget Indian restaurant with an elegant theme. I hate photos, frames, or paintings. I think if we can’t come up with something better then what sort of designers are we? The wall features blended perfectly with the seating. Look at the shop-front night shots, a very cohesive design.


So much has been written about this in ‘Night’ Magazine, ‘Theme’ Mag, and others. The Lounge is a contemporary bar coupled with a relaxing atmosphere. A very up-market and stylish theme that lends itself to almost any function.


My client Terry Claire said “I’ve got another club for you Steve, problem is it’s a knackered old cinema that is also a listed building, when can we open?” We restored this building, built a harmonious ‘Art Deco’ interior and won a Local Planning and Conservation Award. Terry let me go wild and although ‘cinema to club conversions’ are difficult, I was very pleased with the result.


A low budget bar which became a huge success and turned around a failing venue. Note all the polished oak, the client loved oak!